Project Description

Action Plan for Improving Forest Management and Conservation

in the South-East Agro-Ecological Region of Vietnam

Donor / Partner: Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)/ Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Vietnam    |    Duration: 2003-2004   |    Location: Vietnam

About: ICEM provided the lead technical input in the WWF initiative in Vietnam to support ten provinces in preparing a conservation and sustainable resource use Action Plan for their shared South-East Agro-Ecological region.

This Action Plan was based on the Government commitment to conservation and sustainable use of forest resources, to the overall increase in forest cover and quality, and to promoting the role of forests in local and national development by maintaining and enhancing the ecosystem services and products they provide in their natural state.

The goal was to conserve the 36% of natural forest remaining in the region as a permanent forest estate, to enhance its quality, and to rehabilitate other important forest lands – all with the purpose of optimising the contribution that forests make to regional development.

An important theme of the Action Plan was the need to identify and value those contributions, and to establish mechanisms so that sectors, provinces, and entities benefiting from them pay for their conservation. The Plan was prepared following consultations with the provinces of the region under the umbrella of the Forest Sector Support Program (FSSP), established in 2001 as a partnership between MARD and 19 international organisations (bilateral and multilateral donors, international non-governmental organizations). A priority action underlying all others in this plan was the need to establish a SEAR Regional Forest Conservation Forum involving all provinces in regular consultations and exchange, and facilitating decentralization of the FSSP.