Project Description

Chu Yang Sin National Park EA of Road and Trail Development

Donor / Partner: World Bank (WB) / Bird Life International (source of financing: World Bank GEF)     |    Duration: 2010     |    Location: Vietnam

About:The assessment of road and trail in the Chu Long Sin National Park was conducted to provide park management staff with the information they required to work with the construction company to limit  damage  to the national park during construction of the road and trail network.

The assessment gave recommendations of ways to mitigate against unavoidable damage, manage the potential impacts of the presence of the road through the national park, and manage the impacts of the trail network within the national park, effectively. This information was disseminated to decision makers associated with the road construction, so they could be informed to make better decisions. Park staff were involved throughout the process.

The objectives of this assignment were:

  • To assess any potential environmental issues associated with building part of the East Truong Son Road through CYSNP, and an expanded trail network within CYSNP
  • To enable park staff to communicate information gathered during the assessment to the construction companies and relevant decision-makers to inform park management.