Project Description

Industrial Pollution Sources Survey of the Cau and Day/Nhue River Basins

Donor / Partner: Asian Development Bank (ADB) / MOI / EVN / MONRE     |     Duration: 2007     |     Location: Vietnam

About: The water resources management studies carried in the pollution survey for the Cau and Day/Nhue River Basins found that various types of pollution loads from many varying sources were well above national standards. These were having significant negative impacts on local economies and the health of affected communities.

This Project aimed to provide a comprehensive inventory of the pollution sources and the dispersal and public health implications. This enabled priorities to be identified for taking quick action to manage the most urgent pollution problems while adopting a more systematic and long term approach to controlling the secondary problems.

This Pollution Sources Survey provided  an assessment of pollution sources and identify responses that contributed to  policy decisions for better management of water effluents. A water quality and effluent sources inventory was developed for both basins.