Project Description

Mekong Delta Central Connectivity Project: Rapid Climate Change

Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment

Donor / Partner: Asian Development Bank (ADB)    |    Duration:  2011 – 2012  |    Location: Mekong Delta / Vietnam

About: The ADB Central Mekong Delta Connectivity project represented a USD 220 million loan to the Government of Vietnam for the development of strategic transport infrastructure to enhance connectivity between the central provinces of the Mekong Delta with major regional hubs such as Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. Design and construction of the project was phased into 6 components:

  • Component 1: 6 lane Cao Lanh Bridge 3km over the Tien River (7.8km with approach roads)
  • Component 2: 4 lane Cao Lanh – Vam Cong connecting road (15.65km)
  • Component 3: 6 lane Vam Cong Bridge 3km over the Hau River (5.75km with approach roads)
  • Component 4 & 5: Long  Xuyen bypass to to Long Xuyen City (17.45km + 6.11km)
  • Component 6: 4 lane My An – Cao Lanh connecting road to link up with NH30 (26.2km)

ICEM was commissioned by the ADB to undertake a Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Study (VA Study), focused on Components 1-3 of the Project. The VA Study quantified the risk posed by climate change to the current design  and  suggested adaptation options which may be included into the detailed design phase. The VA Study has been designed to run in parallel to the detailed design phase and engage in the project development cycle prior to construction or finalisation of decisions on design and investments to:

  1. integrate adaptation options  into the project from the outset, and;
  2. ensure the overall  sustainability and longevity of the development in the context of climate change.

ICEM informed the design phase by providing detailed guidance to ADB on the level of climate change threat, the components of the design most at risk and sensitive to that threat and the adaptation options.

The aims of the study were to integrate climate change risk management into the detailed design of components 1-3 of the Central Mekong Delta Connectivity Project, and to pilot-test a rapid climate  change Vulnerability and Adaptation Methodology for transport infrastructure projects. The latter outcome extends further than the Central Mekong Delta  Connectivity project, and is applicable for other transport development  projects under consideration by the ADB and the Government of Vietnam.