Project Description

Survey on the Revolving Fund for Household Sewerage in Binh Duong and Vinh Phuc

Donor / Partner: JICA    |    Duration: 2009-2010   |    Location: Vietnam
About: The overall objectives of this study into household pollution in were Vietnam twofold. Firstly, the study aimed to assess household willingness-to-pay to access (connect) to the sewerage system and the socio-economic characteristics which may explain the extent of this willingness-to-pay.

Secondly, the study aimed to assess the design and feasibility of institutional and financial mechanisms to promote access to the sewerage system.

More specifically, the study proposed appropriate revolving fund mechanisms for promoting household sewerage connection in the Thu Dau Mot Town (Binh Duong Province) and (Vinh Yen Town) Vinh Phuc Province where separate sewerage systems were being developed with the assistance of JICA