Project Description

Currently, extensive saline intrusion is experienced during regular flooding and it is predicted that there would be a significant increase in saline intrusion in 2050. Close to 60% of HCMC’s agricultural lands are expected to be affected by increased salinity in 2050.

During 2050 drought conditions, the salinity zone of influence extends well into Hoc Mon, Chanh Binh and Nha Be Districts and has the potential to affect agricultural fields, production forests and parks in these districts. It will not be possible to abstract water from rivers and canals for irrigation in this zone. Deeper rooted trees in production forests and parks may be affected by increased salinity in groundwater and irrigation from groundwater sources will be restricted.

The protected mangrove forests are adapted to cope with much higher salinities than will be experienced in this scenario and are likely to be unaffected by the increased saline intrusion.