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March 2012

Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Greater Mekong Subregion Power Plan
Following the success of ICEM’s SEA on the Mekong Mainstream, ICEM has been commissioned by the Asian Development Bank to complete a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to assess the GMS Power Transmission Master Plan and alternative GMS energy futures and their effects. The SEA will guide future energy policy options and propose ways of improving the environmental and social sustainability of the GMS power plan. The SEA also provides guidance for more specific assessments at the national, sub-national and project level and throughout the process builds the capacity of GMS Energy Planning Agencies and Utilities to undertake SEAs. The project will be run over 15 months and commence with an inception workshop to be held in Hanoi from March 14 – 18.

Support for the National Target Program on Climate Change – Vietnam
ICEM in partnership with NIRAS has been contracted by the Asian Development Bank to provide Support for the National Target Program (NTP) on Climate Change with a Focus on Energy and Transport in Vietnam. It is a two year project that commenced in February 2012 with inception workshops held in Hanoi. The project is one of the first projects in South East Asia of its scale to integrate mitigation and adaptation planning. The project aims to contribute to the effective implementation of detailed NTPCC Action Plans by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Transport, Thanh Hoa Province, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang City to reduce the growth rate of GHG emissions from energy and transport sectors by 2020 and reduce infrastructure and productivity losses in the urban sector. The project will also aim to increase the capacity of the target […]

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Jeremy Carew-Reid

ICEM’s Director, Dr Carew-Reid, has more than 35 years experience working in over 30 countries, including extensive experience in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR.

ICEM’s Director General, Dr Carew-Reid, has more than 35 years experience working in over 30 countries, including extensive experience in the Mekong region. He has a BSc Honours in freshwater ecology and a PhD in Environmental Impact Assessment. He specializes in integrated environmental assessments and in climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation. Also, he has led many foundational biodiversity and climate change studies and assessments in the Mekong region.

Since 2000, Dr Carew-Reid has been Team Leader in more than 35 ICEM projects in Asia. He established ICEM’s regional and national offices with international and national staff. Earlier, Dr Carew-Reid was the Director of IUCN’s Global Conservation Services, Director of SPREP, the Secretariat for the Pacific Region Environment Program, and IUCN Country Representative in Nepal. He has acted as Chief Technical Advisor to the Nepal National Planning Commission and the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Vietnam.

Dr Carew-Reid was Team Leader of the Strategic Environmental Assessment of hydropower development on the mainstream Mekong River, which received an international award for excellence from IAIA. He was also Team Leader of the Urban Resilience in Mekong Towns Project, which received the Asia Urban Resilience Award from the UN and USAID for superior work in applying forward thinking innovation to urban resilience. He was Team Leader of the seminal study of climate change impacts on natural and agricultural systems in the Mekong region as part of the USAID-supported Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change (ARCC) project which is cited in the latest reports from the International Panel on Climate Change. Dr Carew-Reid was Climate Change Specialist […]

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