BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – 21-23 September 2015: ICEM Brings Projects and Expertise to 2015 International RiverSymposium

ICEM Technical Director Tarek Ketelsen and project partners Robyn Johnston of IWMI and Joern Kirstensen of MIID delivered key presentations at the 18th annual RiverSymposium in Brisbane, Australia.

This year’s RiverSymposium centred on healthy rivers and healthy economies. Sessions focused on river restoration and how it can support communities in catchments, and the role of rivers in addressing global issues like water scarcity. More than 400 representatives from 15 countries participated in the symposium, including a strong delegation from the Mekong region and South Asia.

Tarek Ketelsen – Evolution of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to inform hydropower development in the Mekong 

Robyn Johnston and Joern Kirstensen  Myanmar Healthy Rivers Initiative 2015-2017