HANOI, VIETNAM – September 16, 2016: ICEM Expert GIS and Modelling Capacity Expands

Building on its track record of Geographic Information System (GIS) and spatial analysis expertise, ICEM has recently expanded its team of technical experts in this field. This has increased the organisation’s capacity for specialist projects—allowing them to develop a new modelling package, while also keeping focus on ICEM’s expanding suite of ongoing projects.

ICEM recognizes that GIS and spatial analysis are central to water management, river basin planning, hydrology monitoring and flood forecasting. Therefore, multidisciplinary and integrated modelling underpins most of the organisation’s work, from climate change, biodiversity, integrated assessments and water to energy.

This area of expertise was strengthened by the recent arrival of river basin management specialist, Rens Hasman, water resources and environmental engineer, Taylor Winchell, and water engineer and modeller, Minh Pham. They join current ICEM experts Vinh Mai (GIS and modelling program manager) and Thuy Nguyen (GIS officer).

The ICEM GIS and modelling team (from left to right): Rens Hasman, Vinh Mai, Taylor Winchell Thuy Nguyen and Minh Pham

The ICEM GIS and modelling team (from left to right): Rens Hasman, Vinh Mai, Taylor Winchell, Thuy Nguyen and Minh Pham

With their support, ICEM is developing a modelling package for stakeholders in integrated water resources management across a broad spectrum of fields such as urban and catchment-wide water management, river basin and floodplain development, sediment transport and pollution load. The modelling package will be available for free to project partners.

It will put expert knowledge and resources in the hands of governments and NGOs that otherwise do not have access to expensive modelling software, says Winchell.

The package will include a suite of relevant, existing open-source modelling software used with ICEM projects. Project partners will be trained on the use of these free-source models in order to benefit from these tools long after the projects have been completed.

In addition, the ICEM modelling team is working on a number of other exciting projects. These include the Feasibility Study and Capacity Development for Strengthening Disaster Risk Management and Rural Resilience in Cambodia, the Myanmar Healthy Rivers Initiative, and the Environmental Study of the Lancang-Mekong Development Plan in Lao PDR.