HANOI, VIETNAM — APRIL 22, 2016: ICEM Launches Interactive GMS Biochar and Soil Mapping Tool

In 2015, ICEM conducted a thorough survey for the ADB of soil types, land use, and slope across the GMS to identify regions of high suitability for biochar production.

The map shows areas of biochar suitability and hotspots in each GMS country.

Biochar is the carbon rich product produced when biomass such as such as wood, manure or leaves, is heated with little or no available oxygen. It is added to soils to improve soil function and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from biomass. Using biomass to produce biochar can release much less smoke than open burning by conventional practices that would otherwise naturally degrade to greenhouse gases.

The results of the study have been compiled into this interactive biochar map that shows soil types, areas with varied levels of biochar suitability, and hotspots in each country where the conditions would best support biochar production.

This interactive map allows users to zoom into areas of interest for a deeper look.