VIENTIANE, LAO PDR – July 31, 2015: ICEM Wins UNDP’s Lao PDR-based Effective Governance for Small‐Scale Rural Infrastructure and Disaster Preparedness in a Changing Climate

Climate change adaptation is a maturing field worldwide. In recent years the Government of Lao PDR (GoL) has invested significant efforts to build the climate resilience of it’s communities, natural and built resources, and sectors. Some of the country’s key initiatives include:

  • National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPA), 2009 developed by Water Resources and Environment Agency (WREA) and Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry with support from UNDP
  • National Strategy on Climate Change (NSCC), approved 2010
  • National Risk Profile for Lao PDR, 2010 developed by Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) with support from UNDP
  • Bio‐engineering and slope stabilization manual for rural infrastructure, 2010‐11 developed by MPWT with support from ADB
  • Guidelines for Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA), 2014 developed by DDMCC

To continue to increase capacity in the area of climate adaptation in Lao PDR, ICEM will build on the findings and principles of these previous GoL efforts. ICEM will deliver technical assistance to the GoL by developing and implementing Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (CRVA) and by training a number of DDMCC, provincial and district staff on the application of CRVA for planning purposes.

Using baseline data, climate change projections, and historical storm and flood impact information, ICEM will work closely with provincial practitioners to undertake CRVAs of 25 infrastructure investments in two pilot provinces: Saravane and Sekong. Once the CRVAs are completed, ICEM will help set adaptation priorities and will facilitate the studies required for early-stage infrastructure design and development.

ICEM brings to the project the experience of having conducted the most comprehensive climate-based study of the Lower Mekong Basin, as well as expertise in climate resilience in Lao PDR.