Hanoi, Vietnam –  June 28, 2018: ICEM’s project portfolio in South Asia expands

Building on an already extensive track record of experience in South Asia, the ICEM project portfolio in the region has recently expanded with two more projects, building on experience in Nepal and now also including Bhutan. ICEM also added one more project to its current portfolio of projects in Myanmar.

The Disaster Preparedness Pilot Project (DPPP) is ICEM’s first in Bhutan. The aim of the project is to support the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) to improve disaster risk management (DRM), targeting national, district, municipal, and block levels. The objective will be achieved by strengthening the DRM capacity of government technical staff, applying mechanisms to support the Department of Disaster Management to develop contingency plans and operational Emergency Operations Centres, and providing training for search and rescue teams and emergency first aid volunteers.

ICEM also won the project Geohazard risk management and resilient road asset management in Nepal. Funded by The World Bank, this project assesses and advises on the future climate and seismic risk to transport infrastructure investment in Nepal. ICEM will utilise an innovative, landscape-wide approach to apply climate and seismic vulnerability assessment to specific roads, and involve all relevant stakeholders to adopt a proactive approach to risk mitigation planning.

Road network in Nepal

In addition to these two projects in South Asia, ICEM is also continuing its work with The World Bank in Myanmar. The recently launched, Development of the Ayeyarwady Decision Support System and Basin Master Plan is the latest initiative ICEM will be implementing under the Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management (AIRBM) Project. The aim is to create a shared knowledge base and build analytical capacity to enable the Government of Myanmar to develop and manage the Ayeyarwady Basin beneficially and sustainably. This will be achieved by developing a decision support system for the Ayeyarwady Basin, formulating and assessing development scenarios, developing a phased master plan, and supporting stakeholder consultations and discussions.

ICEM is currently implementing two other projects under AIRBM, namely State of the Basin Assessment, Package 5 – Sectoral Development and Macroeconomics Assessment and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Environmental and Social Management Plan for Sub-project 1.