VIENTIANE, LAO PDR — February 17, 2016: L-CRVA Wraps Up With Final Workshop on Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation

A landlocked nation of eight million people, the People’s Democratic Republic of Lao (Lao PDR) is a country with a wealth of water and natural resources. However, despite recent growth over the past two decades, Lao PDR remains amongst the poorest nations in the world – especially in the nation’s majority rural communities where development has been slow and poverty remains entrenched.

These challenges are exacerbated by the country’s high level of climate variability which will affect productivity in the agricultural sector. In response to these growing institutional and climate change challenges of Saravane and Sekong provinces, the Government of Lao PDR with support from the UNDP has established the LCDF 2 project with GEF financing.

To support this project, ICEM has been working with planners and practitioners in Sekong and Saravane provinces on conducting twelve Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (CRVA) for water supply, flood control, irrigation, transport and other small-scale rural infrastructure. The aims of this work have been:

  • to scope potential adaptation options that will increase the resilience of priority rural infrastructure assets,
  • to include both grey and green engineering solutions,
  • to draw on the ecosystem-based adaptation (EBA) guidelines developed by project partners the Department of Disaster Management and Climate Change (DDMCC), and
  • to build capacity amongst specialists and government on L-CRVA.

ICEM, project partners, specialists, and Lao PDR government representatives met in Vientiane to achieve two objectives:

  • Present the findings of the 12 L-CRVA assessments undertaken at district-level in Saravane and Sekong provinces to senior level district, provincial and national technical specialists for peer-review through a series of facilitated panel sessions.
  • Present the methodology of the L-CRVA to senior government officials for testing and feed back on the suitability, practicality and sustainability of the L-CRVA methodology as a tool for Government of Lao response to climate change.

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