HANOI, VIETNAM – 11 January 2013: ICEM has been awarded the Asian Development Bank (ADB) project Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Management in Development in Nepal, which began in July 2012 and will run to 2017.

ICEM is working with seven national government agencies responsible for infrastructure development throughout the country, such as irrigation, roads and bridges, flood and river management and water supply and sanitation. Natural disasters such as major floods, landslides, river bank collapse and flash flooding regularly damage and destroy critical infrastructure and cause loss of life and property. Those challenges are projected to become more severe with climate change. The project aims to integrate climate change considerations into infrastructure planning and management. It includes pilot vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning in eight districts including Kathmandu.

This major project is part of the global Pilot Program for Climate Resilience funded with a USD 7.1M grant from the Strategic Climate Fund.

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