Project Description

AIRBM Project, State of the Basin Assessment (SOBA), Package 5 – Sectoral Development
and Macroeconomics Assessment

Donor/Partner: World Bank    |    Duration: 2017-2018   |    Location: Myanmar

About:The water sector is key for Myanmar’s development strategy. Endowed with abundant natural resources, including land and water, these are poised for rapid development in the coming years. It is crucial that water resources are developed wisely so that major environmental degradation can be avoided and that the natural resource-base which underscores the majority of livelihoods is not eroded.

This requires the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) including coordinated water resources planning at the national, basin and local levels, and the integration of all costs and benefits in the planning approach.

To help Myanmar develop the institutions and tools needed to enable informed decision making in the management of the country’s water resources and to implement integrated river basin management of the country’s most important river, the Ayeyarwady, the government received a US$100 million credit from the Word Bank for the Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management Project (AIRBMP).

One of the main elements in the Ayeyarwady River Basin (ARB) development planning process is the State of the Basin Assessment (SOBA), a major technical product of the AIRBMP representing the most comprehensive integrated environmental, social and economic baseline for the Ayeyarwady to date. It will take stock of the status and historic trends in key characteristics of the Ayeyarwady system and how the people of Myanmar utilize and benefit from the river basin’s natural resources. The SOB Report will combine indicator-based trend analysis with qualitative analysis of the implications and connections between these trends.

SOBA will highlight issues, opportunities, risks trade-offs, and uncertainties, which will need to be addressed in the basin master planning process. In this way, the SOBA will also provide the baseline against which future development pathways can be assessed and impacts monitored.

In order to develop the SOBA, the AIRBMP Project Management Unit (PMU) subcontracted six technical packages to cover specific scopes. These packages include: (1) surface water resources, (2) groundwater and data management, (3) sediments & geomorphology, (4) biodiversity & fisheries, (5) socio-economics, including sectoral development, macro-economics, pollution survey, and ecosystem services evaluation, and (6) Participatory 3D Mapping (P3DM) and local consultations.

The SOBA Package 5 team is formed of a partnership between ICEM, Myanmar Marketing Research and Development Company (MMRD) and Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD). In contrast to the other packages that concentrate on natural systems, Package 5 is a baseline study of human populations and activities in the basin of economics, livelihoods and subsistence.

Objectives: The objective of this consultancy is to consolidate and enrich baseline understanding with the demographic, sectoral, and macroeconomic development trends for the ARB.

Specifically, the services will cover the following three main areas of assessment:

  • Demographics trends: take stock of the status and trends of the key demographic characteristics of the communities living within the ARB and analyse these trends to assess their implications for the Ayeyarwady system.
  • Sectoral development baseline assessment: take stock of the status and trends for the economic performance and development trends for key productive sectors of the Ayeyarwady and analyse these trends to assess their implications for the Ayeyarwady system.
  • Macroeconomic trends: review the sectoral and demographic trends identified and take stock of the broader implications of development in the Ayeyarwady for the national economy of Myanmar.

> Download the SOBA Volume 1: Synthesis Report – a synthesis for multi-stakeholders focusing on the strategic findings and conclusions of the SOBA assessment

> Download the SOBA Volume 2: Sectoral Development and Macroeconomics Assessment