Project Description

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This ICEM study is an initial contribution to priority setting for climate change adaptation under the Vietnam Government’s National Target Plan to Respond to Climate Change. This  assessment supports priority setting by identifying on a national scale the geographic areas, communities and sectors most at risk from sea level rise.The study overlays projections for inundation based on a one metre sea level rise with the existing situation in sector development, populations and natural systems.

Maps showing the impacts of a 1m sea level rise have been produced at a national scale for all of Vietnam, and at a local scale focusing on the Red River and Mekong Deltas.
These maps cover:

  >  Height above sea level – national and local

  >  Number of people displaced – national and local

  >  Protected areas – national, local and local showing altitude

  >  Key biodiversity area – national, local and local showing altitude          

  >   Economic regions – national and local 

  >   Industrial estates – national local showing ecomonic regions         and local showing altitude