Disaster Risk Reduction

Many countries in the Asia-Pacific region are impacted by a high incidence of disasters, including landslides, flooding, earthquakes and drought. These can cause significant damage and have adverse effects on the economy and people’s lives and livelihoods. ICEM addresses these challenges by working on all dimensions of disaster risk reduction.

ICEM has developed an innovative set of management processes and tools for identifying and mitigating climate and hazard-related threats to infrastructure and communities, including state-of-the-art GIS analysis, multi-hazard risk modelling, vulnerability assessment and capacity building with a focus on disaster risk governance, mainstreaming of disaster and climate risk into socio-economic development planning and building resilience through community based interventions.

ICEM manages multiple projects for disaster risk reduction throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our projects past and present are detailed below.

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Implementing Innovative Approaches for Water Governance in Mongolia

Implementing innovative approaches for water governance Donor: Asian Development Bank  (ADB)  |    Duration: 2018-2019   |    Location: Mongolia About: Mongolia is a vast landlocked country, [...]


Climate and Natural Disasters Resilience Project in Bac Kan Province

Climate and Natural Disasters Resilience Project in Bac Kan Province Donor/Partner: AREP/AFD   |    Duration: 2018   |    Location: Vietnam About: Bac Kan city [...]


Second GMS Corridor Towns Development Project: Integrated Disaster Risk Management

Many towns and cities in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) are facing increased vulnerability and exposure due to climate extremes combined with rapid and unplanned expansion of urban population and infrastructure. These towns are susceptible to flooding, drought, storms and other natural hazards, which are likely to become more frequent and more severe with climate change. This will negatively affect human settlements and economic activities in the region.


Feasibility Study and Capacity Development for Strengthening Disaster Risk Management and Rural Resilience in Cambodia

Feasibility Study and Capacity Development for Strengthening Disaster Risk Management and Rural Resilience in Cambodia Donor / Partner:  World Bank (WB)  |   Duration: 2016-2017  |  Location: Cambodia [...]