Who we work with

ICEM works in association with many international, regional, national and local organizations, NGOs, forums and agencies. Some of the international donor organizations and international technical agencies we are working with are detailed here:

International Donor Agencies

L’Agence Française de Développement (AFD)
ICEM worked in partnership with AREP on a project funded by AFD which focused on climate and natural disasters resilience in Bac Kan Province, Vietnam.
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Asian Development Bank (ADB)
ICEM has worked with ADB on a number of projects since 2006. These include the projects Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Management in Development in Nepal, Promoting Climate Resilient Rural Infrastructure in Northern Vietnam and Ensuring Sustainability of the Greater Mekong Subregion Regional Power Development.
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AusAID (now DFAD)
Since 2011, ICEM has worked with AusAID (now DFAD) on at least three major projects, including the Impact of Water Supply Infrastructure on Floods and Droughts in the Mekong Region, Increasing the Role of Renewables in the Mekong Power Supply and Study of the Impacts of Mainstream Hydropower on the Mekong Delta. The Myanmar Healthy Rivers Initiative is ongoing.
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Australian Water Partnership (AWP)
ICEM worked with AWP for a major study on hydrogeology of Myanmar’s Dry Zone which was completed in 2017.
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Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)
Sponsored by a grant from CEPF, ICEM has produced a set of materials on the biodiversity and development of hydropower in Vietnam. Currently, ICEM is working with CEPF on an Environmental Study of the Lancang-Mekong Development Plan (LMDP).
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Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)
ICEM has worked with DANIDA in 2010 on the project Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Ministry of Environment in Indonesia.
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Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
ICEM has been working with FAO since 2019 on a project to identify Green Infrastructure and Nature Based Solutions in the agricultural sector for more resilient rural communities in Asia.
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ICEM has been contracted by GiZ to conduct vulnerability assessment for ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) approaches in two pilot provinces of Quang Binh and Ha Tinh for the project Strategic Mainstreaming of Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Northern Vietnam.
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ICEM is working with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on Developing a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Hydropower Sector in Myanmar.
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Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
ICEM has worked with JICA in Vietnam on two projects – Survey on the Revolving Fund for Household Sewerage in Binh Duong and Vinh Phuc, and Survey of the Pollution in the Dong Nai River Basin and Danang – both in 2010.
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Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
ICEM has worked extensively with SIDA in Vietnam from 2005-2010 on the project Strengthening Environmental Management and Land Administration in association with MONRE.
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Swiss Red Cross
ICEM has been working with the Swiss Red Cross on a project running from 2018-2019 to enhance disaster preparedness in Bhutan.
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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
ICEM works extensively in association with UNDP. Some key projects include Financial Sustainability for National Systems of Protected Areas, and Protected Areas Policy Reform Project in Vietnam. ICEM Is also currently associating with UNDP on the Bioengineering project in Northern Vietnam.
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ICEM is working with the USAID program the Mekong Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change (ARCC), running from 2011 to 2013 in the Mekong region. ICEM is conducting climate change impact and adaptation studies to assess the vulnerabilities to climate change of agricultural cropping regimes, livestock and animal husbandry systems, fisheries and aquaculture, and ecosystems and biodiversity.
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World Bank
ICEM has worked with the World Bank on four projects in Vietnam since 2005 – SEA of the Hydropower Sector, National Industrial Pollution Sources Survey, Chu Long Sin National Park Assessment, SEA for Vietnam’s Forestry Master Plan.
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International Technical Organizations and NGOs

Birdlife International
ICEM worked with Birdlife International on the Protected Areas and Development (PAD) Review project (2001-2003).
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ICEM has worked with CGIAR on two projects since 2010. These projects are Increasing the Role of Renewables in the Mekong Power Supply and the Mekong Challenge Programme on Water and Food – both these high profile projects are ongoing.
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Flora and Fauna International
ICEM has a close working relationship with FFI through our assessment work.
GMS Environment Operations Center
ICEM has worked with the GMS-EOC on two projects in the Mekong region and in Vietnam, namely the Review Status of SEA in the Greater Mekong Subregion and SEA of the Hydropower Master Plan in the context of the Power Development Plan VI.
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International Rivers
ICEM has a close working relationship with International Rivers through our assessment work.
ICEM has a close working relationship with IUCN and has worked in association on several projects including the Protected Areas and Policy Reform project in Vietnam and the Protected Areas and Development (PAD) Review project.
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International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
ICEM is working with the International Water Management Institute on the Mekong Challenge Programme on Water and Food, running throughout the Mekong region from 2010-2013.
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The Mekong River Commission (MRC)
ICEM has worked in association with MRC on at least six projects since 2008, including the current Wetlands Climate Change Threat and Vulnerability Assessment. Past projects include the SEA of Hydropower on the Mekong Mainstream, Basin-wide Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability Assessment for the Wetlands of the LMB, and MRC Climate Change and Adaptation Initiative (CCAI).
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ICEM is working in close association with WorldFish on the Mekong Fish Migrations, Hydrology and Hydropower Dam Fish Passes – funded by Cargill Foundation and running until 2015.
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World Wildlife Fund
ICEM worked with WWF on the Protected Areas and Development (PAD) Review project (2001-2003).
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