Project Description

Disaster Preparedness Pilot Project

Donor/Partner: Swiss Red Cross (SRC)    |    Duration: 2018-2019   |    Location: Bhutan

About: The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) has adopted a multi-stakeholder approach to disaster risk management (DRM), but a number of capacities and mechanisms necessary to ensure an effective and coordinated multi-stakeholder response to disaster have not yet been developed. Contingency plans at the national, district and municipal levels must still be established, as well as a network of Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs). Search and rescue teams and emergency first aid volunteers must also still be trained.

This Disaster Preparedness Pilot Project (DPPP) is jointly implemented and funded by the RGoB, Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC), the Department of Disaster Management (DDM), Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs and the Swiss Red Cross.

The project takes a holistic approach, targeting the national, district (Dzongkhag), municipal (Thromde), and block (Gewog) levels. One district (Punakha and townships) and one urban municipality (Gelephu) have been selected for the pilot phase.

To enhance disaster preparedness by increasing DRM capacity and applying mechanisms to support the DDM to develop contingency plans and operational EOCs, to train search and rescue teams and emergency first aid volunteers, and to execute simulation exercises.

Key activities:

  • Develop a national Earthquake Contingency Plan
  • Establish an Emergency Operations Center system and infrastructure
  • Conduct national level simulation exercises


Project news:

Seismic Hazard, Vulnerability and Assessment Report


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Bhutan - Disaster Preparedness Pilot Project