Project Description

The Impact of Water Supply Infrastructure on Floods and Droughts in the Mekong Region and the Implications for Food Production under the Mekong Challenge Program on Water and Food (MK12)

Donor / Partner:    AusAID    |    Duration:  2013     |    Location: Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR

About: The Mekong River has varied hydrological regime and its hydrology has been altered by the expansion of Water Supply Infrastructure (WSI) for 20 years. WSI have been utilised to regulate seasonal water availability and provide for consistent, year-round human use. For agriculture, water supply and more recently hydroelectricity, the storage of wet season flows for use in the dry season has led to tangible and significant improvements in livelihoods, agricultural productivity and energy security. However, having been designed and managed for regular climate, the performance of these WSI in managing extremes in hydro-climate is not well understood.

Through research, modelling, surveys and case studies, this project is set to improve the understanding of the impact of WSI on managing floods and droughts and the downstream consequences for agricultural productivity and food security. The expected outcome of the project is that the impact of WSI on flood and drought and the linked implications for food security in the Mekong region are better understood.

Report series

Reports in the MK12 series include: