Integrated Assessments

ICEM has extensive experience in managing integrated environmental assessments – which consider natural, social and economic systems. Our approach reflects a longstanding commitment to ecological sustainability and social equity. It promotes ecological sustainability as a foundation for development, taking into account processes and issues which cross sector and administrative boundaries.

Innovative and technically advanced methods and world leading expertise form the basis of ICEM’s integrating assessment methods. During 15 years of operations we have successfully applied our range of integration services in projects throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our ability to adopt and develop project specific approaches from an extensive range of tools has made us leaders in this field, as reflected in ICEM receiving the 2012 global International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA) award for its strategic environmental assessment work.

We have developed an extensive suite of interlinked tools and processes that support our integrated approach. Integration is promoted within the design and implementation of all ICEM’s projects. Our team select and adapt the most appropriate mix of tools and methods to address the specific needs of each project. ICEM’s tools work within existing development planning processes. We have successfully undertaken SEAs and EIAs for development plans involving many countries down to site specific road, power plant and irrigation scheme proposals.
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