Project Description

Protected Areas and Development in the Lower Mekong

Donor: USAID | Duration: 2001-2003 | Location: Mekong Region – Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Lao PDR

About: ICEM led a technical partnership supporting the four Governments of the Lower Mekong Region in a process of comprehensive studies, piloting and consultation. The Review of Protected Areas and Development examined the growing tensions between economic and conservation objectives in the four countries of the Lower Mekong River region. It identified the many development benefits flowing from protected areas and the need to reflect them in the plans and budgets of forestry, agriculture, energy, tourism, fisheries and other key economic sectors. The lessons of more than a decade of protected area management experience in the region were related to new and innovative approaches elsewhere in the world.

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As a result of the review, eight volumes were published:

Cambodia National Report

Lao PDR National Report

Thailand National Report

Vietnam National Report

Regional Report

Lessons learned in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam

[61 KB]
1. Cambodia [240 KB]
2. Lao PDR [206 KB]
3. Thailand [188 KB]
4. Vietnam [240 KB]

Lessons from global experience

Introduction [69 KB]
1. Protected areas planning and management [260 KB]
2. Protected areas as development assets – a synthesis of economic lessons [214 KB]
3. Integrating protected areas in economic development planning [154 KB]
4. Economic incentives and protected areas: economic, financing and market mechanisms [134 KB]
5. Economic valuation: Its use in protected area management [296 KB]
6. Protected areas and community development [95 KB]
7. Information technology and protected areas [111 KB]
8. Marine protected areas and fisheries [104 KB]
9. Protected areas and water resource development [111 KB]
10. Agriculture, biodiversity conservation and protected areas [96 KB]
11. Protected areas and forest certification [105 KB]

Field Studies in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam

Introduction to the field studies [63 KB]
Cambodia field study [1198 KB]
Cambodia field study (images removed) [138 KB]
Lao PDR field study [851 KB]
Lao PDR field study (images removed) [204KB]
Thailand field study [976 KB]
Thailand field study (images removed) [125 KB]
Vietnam field study [1322 KB]
Vietnam field study (images removed) [161 KB]

These reports can be downloaded above, from the PAD Review website or ordered by directly by contacting ICEM.