Project Description

Protected Areas Policy Reform Project in Vietnam

Donors: IUCN – World Conservation Union / Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) / MONRE / Ministry of Fisheries / United Nations Development Program    |    Duration: 2005-2006    |    Location:      Vietnam

About: ICEM provided the principle technical input to the IUCN and MARD initiated Protected Areas Policy Reform Project in Vietnam. The goals of the study       were to examine experience gained from internationally funded projects focussing on protected areas in Vietnam and to place these recommendations within  policy documents accessible to decision makers at all levels of Government. The study  assessed how protected area management has been implemented over  the last decade, the success of the various management models applied, and the level to which successful on-the-ground management has been taken up within policy and legislative development.

The project set out policy proposals on protected areas planning, management, finance and community involvement as a contribution to existing government legislative initiatives.