Project Description

Cambodia Green Urban Development Program for GGGI

Donor / Partner: Global Green Growth Insitute   |   Duration: 2015-2016  |  Location: Cambodia

About: In 2013, with the support of GGGI, the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) approved a National Policy and Strategic Plan for Green Growth for the period 2013-2030. This plan aims to turn Cambodia into a green economy through the more effective use of natural resources, wider promotion of environmental sustainability, creating opportunities for green jobs and the adoption of green technologies, improving access to green finance and encouraging green investment. This initiative of GGGI falls under the first phase of the Cambodia Green Urban Development Program, which aims to support the RGC with green growth investment planning in the urban sector. The Program will be managed and implemented by GGGI, with oversight by the National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) through its General Secretariat for Sustainable Development (GSSD). The program of work (the project) seeks to achieve three key outcomes:

  1. An agreed methodology for the RGC to develop Green City Strategic Plans in the cities and towns of Cambodia;
  2. A Green City Strategic Plan for the City for Phnom Penh;
  3. A set of priority Green City Investment Projects to support the implementation of the Phnom Penh Green City Strategic Plan; and
  4. Enhanced capacity at local and national levels to develop and implement Green City Strategic Planning processes in the cities and towns of Cambodia.

Contracted by GGGI, ICEM is responsible for the following components:

  • Component 1: Inception Report and status quo assessment of green development in the urban sector in Cambodia;
  • Component 2: Preparation of a methodology for cities and towns to develop a Green City Strategic Plan, and development of a Green City Strategic Plan for Phnom Penh;
  • Component 3: Prioritisation of Green City Investments Projects in the City of Phnom Penh; and
  • Component 4: Capacity building training for government officials.


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