Project Description

Capacity Development Manual for the UNECE Protocol on SEA

Donor / Partner: UNECE    |    Duration: 2003-2005   |    Location: 36 Signatory Countries to the UNECE SEA Protocol

About: ICEM developed a manual for the  capacity development programs concerning the practical implementation of the SEA Protocol to the UNECE Convention on EIA in a Transboundary Context.

The manual covers key issues that should be considered when 36 signatory countries to the SEA Protocol implement this first international legal instrument on SEA.

This comprehensive document offers a set of texts, slides and tasks for practical work during trainings on various aspects of SEA.

Part A of the Manual addresses the application of the Protocol by describing :

  • Aims, roles, benefits and global evolution of SEA
  • Application of the SEA Protocol to plans and programs
  • Application of the SEA Protocol to policies and legislation
  • Options for applying the SEA Protocol within various planning and programming processes
  • Basic applicable methods and tools that may be used in the practical undertaking of SEA
Part B of the Manual focuses specifically on SEA trainers. It describes :

  • The broad concept of capacity development for SEA
  • Set of tasks that can be used to design practical work on case studies within SEA training and capacity development programs
The manual is being elaborated through consultations with 36 signatory countries to the SEA Protocol and in close with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, WHO Euro, UNDP, European Commission. It was officially approved at the next Meeting of Signatories to the SEA Protocol (fall 2006).