Project Description

Development of Coastal Multi-Hazard Mapping, Vulnerability & Risk Assessments and
Investment Framework for Coastal Interventions Coastal Communities in Vietnam

Donor: World Bank    |    Duration: 2018-2019   |    Location: Vietnam

About: With a coastline of 3,260 kilometers, Vietnam is one of the most vulnerable countries against coastal disasters and climate change. Coastal communities face various threats, from tropical cyclones and sea-level rise to flooding and coastal erosion. Given a massive concentration of population along the coastline, disasters take a heavy toll in lost lives and damaged livelihoods every year.

To build a better understanding and strengthen resilience of coastal communities, the Development of Coastal Multi-Hazard Mapping, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments and Investment Framework for Coastal Interventions in Selected Coastal Communities in Vietnam project was initiated. Funded by World Bank, the project aims to support the Government of Vietnam, through the Vietnam Disaster Management Authority, in undertaking detailed coastal hazard risk and vulnerability assessments at selected communities in the northern and central regions of Vietnam. The assessments adopt a highly participatory approach – whereby key stakeholders will apply a set of risk-based assessment tools to determine the vulnerability of their most important community infrastructure, both built and natural assets. The assessments are informed by local knowledge of historical events and the outputs of sophisticated numerical modelling and GIS analysis.

From the assessments, a prioritised list of risk reduction measures and investments will be developed for each at-risk community. The investments will be prioritised and ranked, taking into account the likely costs, feasibility, local priorities and capacities, and social, economic and environmental benefits. The prioritisation and ranking methodology will be detailed and developed in way that it can be applied elsewhere in Vietnam, or within the region.

Objective: to provide the basis for understanding coastal risks in Vietnam and to identify appropriate risk reduction measures

Main tasks:

  • Undertake a review of existing data and identify data gaps and requirements
  • Undertake field-based data collection using socio-economic and ecological surveying techniques
  • Lead in the assessment of coastal hazards and the development of coastal hazard and exposure maps
  • Lead in the participatory stakeholder risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Prepare damage curves and undertake economic analysis of hazard risks and the prioritization of risk reduction measures and investments.