Project Description

Development of the Ayeyarwady Decision Support System and Basin Master Plan

Donor: World Bank (WB)    |    Duration: 2018-2020   |    Location: Myanmar

About: Myanmar’s burgeoning economic development goes hand in hand with the development of its abundant water resources. In order to help Myanmar develop the institutions and tools needed to enable informed decision making in the management of these water resources, and to implement integrated river basin management in one of its key basins, the Ayeyarwady, the World Bank has supplied the Government of Myanmar with credit for the Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management (AIRBM) Project.

The AIRBM Project includes three components:
i) Water Resources Management Institutions, Decision Support System, and Capacity Building;
ii) Hydro-Meteorological Observation and Information Systems Modernization; and
iii) Navigation Enhancement of the Ayeyarwady.

This project is implemented under Component I, the broad objective of which is to create the shared knowledge base, analytical capacity, and supporting stakeholder interaction to enable the Government of Myanmar to develop and manage the Ayeyarwady Basin beneficially and sustainably.

Immediate objectives:

  • Develop a contemporary and modular Ayeyarwady Basin Decision Support System (DSS) comprising of databases, simulation models, and associated impact assessment, analysis and reporting tools to support the development of the Ayeyarwady Basin Master Plan;
  • Formulate and assess development scenarios to examine how the Ayeyarwady Basin can be sustainably developed to maximize benefits, minimize risks, and provide water-related security (including against floods and droughts) in an equitable manner;
  • Develop a phased Ayeyarwady Basin Master Plan that provides the development pathway that balances a range of desired outcomes (by the stakeholders) and can be sustained for the long term;
  • Build capacity and transfer technology, including training of key stakeholders to enable their effective engagement in the basin planning process; and
  • Support stakeholder consultations and discussions that will provide guidance to the development of the DSS, the formulation and assessment of development scenarios, and the development of the Ayeyarwady Basin Master Plan.