Project Description

Greater Mekong Sub-Region Biodiversity Corridors Initiative 

Donor / Partner: Asian Development Bank (ADB)   |   Duration: 2007-2009   |    Location: Vietnam, Lao PDR, Thailand, China (Yunnan Province)  

About:  This project was a component of the ADB Core Environment Program which is a systematic and integrated approach to conserve the natural systems of the GMS for the products and ecosystem services they provide.

The six components of the Program, including biodiversity conservation, provide the means to address the immediate and long-term stresses that rapid economic growth can have on the natural resources of the region. The biodiversity conservation component has received special attention. It has two related elements-restoration and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services within (i) protected areas and (ii) corridors of land and water linking them both focusing on landscapes within the GMS of the highest priority for biodiversity conservation action.

Over three years, ICEM provided intermittent technical guidance and support in the design and establishment of the ADB Environment Operations Centre and its Program, then in the rationale and design of the Biodiversity Corridors Initiative including the definition of the GMS biodiversity landscapes, corridors and priority locations and activities for investment.