Project Description

Lower Mekong Initiative Environment and Water Pillar Training Program

Donor / Partner: Pact World    |   Duration: 2016   |    Location: Thailand

About: Held in Bangkok on 24-27 May 2016, the ‘SEA process, tools and lessons from the lower Mekong region energy sector’ workshop was organized by Pact Thailand as part of its Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Environment and Water Pillar Training Program (PTP). The workshop had two objectives:

  1. To impart knowledge of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) tools and practice so that officials can usefully work with or usefully engage with a SEA team; and
  2. To share experience on constraints and opportunities for use of SEA in the power development sector.

The  program trained 30 senior technical staff from Mekong government ministries in Strategic Environmental Assessment and its use as a strategic planning tool in environment and natural resources, economic planning, energy, mining, and transport sectors.

Team leader Dr Jeremy Carew-Reid developed and delivered the SEA training course. Modules included case study analysis from the Mekong region and lessons on process and methodology. Facilitated plenaries, group exercises, lectures, panel discussions, and mixed media help to guide learning and build understanding amongst participants.

Workshop Report

Training Materials

Working Sessions

Jeremy presents at PACT SEA Workshop May 2016
ICEM delivered and facilitated four working sessions. Download working session materials below.


Presentations included overviews of SEA Methodology by the ICEM team and case studies by participating experts in GMS countries.

View ICEM’s first presentation – Strategic Environmental Assessment: Process and Methods.

Additional Materials

Quiz Results

SEA Panel Discussion, 26 May 2016