Project Description

Mekong Delta Bridges Rapid Climate Change Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Donor / Partner:   Asian Development Bank (ADB)   |    Duration:  2011-2012    |    Location: Vietnam

About: ICEM is working to provide detailed guidance on how to climate proof the Central Mekong Delta Connectivity Project –  to build two new bridges and a connecting road over the two main channels of the Mekong Delta (Hau and Tien Rivers).

This study aims to quantify the risk posed by climate change to the current design and to suggest adaptation options to be incorporated into the detailed design and construction phases.

ICEM will inform the design phase by providing detailed guidance to ADB on the level of climate change threat, the components of the design most at risk and sensitive to that threat and the adaptation options.

ICEM is carrying out the project in four phases:

  • Phase 1: Stakeholder consultation, baseline data collection, consolidation of GIS-based database, statistical comparison of downscaled climate data, and building modelling approach and systems
  • Phase 2: A rapid preliminary assessment of potential CC threats, sensitivities and impacts, technical stakeholder consultation, assessment of hydrology, morphology & geotechnical issues and sensitivity of bridge design, team working sessions, and valuation of qualified CC threats
  • Phase 3: Detailed modelling & design assessments to quantify threats, impacts and vulnerabilities, hydrological modelling, developing a small-area 3D hydrodynamic model; developing adaptation options and priorities based on detailed costing of CC impacts and ball-park scoping of options
  • Phase 4: Ensure findings and adaptation options are fully integrated into the detailed design phase of the Central Mekong Delta Connectivity Project.
> More information and download the ICEM report on the Mekong Delta Bridges Rapid Climate Change Threat and Vulnerability Assessment