Project Description

SEA of Hydropower and Biodiversity in Vietnam

Donor / Partner:  World Bank (WB)    |     Duration: 2005-2006    |     Location: Vietnam

About: This project aimed to demonstrate the value of SEA in integrating biodiversity considerations into the preparation and adoption of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) hydropower plans.

In particular, the pilot project aimed to demonstrate the value of the SEA in assessing impacts and defining mitigation options at the program level and in overcoming limitations inherent in the project by project approach to EIA such as timeliness of findings; limited influence on project choice or design; inefficient use of technical services or expertise; inefficient targeting of new studies; limited value added to national knowledge base.

The specific objectives of the study were to:

  • Assess the significance of the biodiversity impacts of the proposed hydropower plan;
  • Define alternative mitigation and management strategies;
  • Identify key resources, institutions, skills required to implement such strategies;
  • Identify key information gaps which would be needed to support site specific planning; and
  • Define standards and methodologies for assessing site specific problems with regard to biodiversity.