Project Description

Sustainable Urban Energy and Emissions Planning Phase III: Energizing

Green Growth of Danang City (SUEEP III)

Donor / Partner: World Bank | Duration: 2013-2014 | Location: Da Nang, Vietnam

About: The Dang Nang City Government has made a strong commitment to sustainable urban development and green growth. The plan for developing Da Nang as an environmental city is an important first step towards sustainable urban development and the World Bank and others are helping the Government translate the plan into action through such initiatives as the Sustainable Urban Energy and Emissions Planning (SUEEP) Program.

The Development of a Comprehensive Green Growth Plan for Da Nang City (SUEEP Phase 3) is built on the foundations set by earlier phases and provides operational support to assist Da Nang City to develop a long-term sustainable, robust energy and emissions plan which is technically, environmentally, economically and financially attractive for public and private investment. It also seeks to establish arrangements for monitoring, reporting and managing citywide and municipal energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The green growth plan will focus on urban energy and emissions and include an “investment prospectus”, a pipeline of bankable investments, including public-private partnerships, and establish links with investors to facilitate green financing opportunities. The plan will be implemented in line with the SUEEP Guidebook, published by the World Bank, covering all energy using sectors, including transport, buildings, water, waste management and other municipal services and consider any decentralized clean energy generation opportunities that are within the city’s mandate such as landfill gas harvesting.

The success of SUEEP3 will see a range of infrastructure investment projects which express the City’s green growth vision being picked up and supported through a range of financing mechanisms, including public private partnerships.