Project Description

Survey of the Pollution in the Dong Nai River Basin and Danang

Donor / Partner: JICA    |    Duration: 2010   |    Location: Vietnam

About: ICEM conducted a background study to inform the design of a USD 50 million water pollution control fund sponsored by JICA. A fund was created to address key point sources of water pollution in the Dong Nai river basin and Da Nang city.

There were a number of substantive elements to the study:

  • Survey of key sources of water pollution in the survey areas and water quality resulting from this
  • Review of legislation relating to water pollution nationally and in the project area
  • Actual survey of demand for pollution control funds at polluting establishments, covering over 50 in the project area
  • Review of local level funding mechanisms already in place
  •  Review of waste water treatment costs and technologies; and,
  • Review of other donor activities in pollution control in Vietnam.