Project Description

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ICEM conducted this strategic environmental assessment (SEA) with the MARD Directorate of Forestry and the World Bank within the framework of negotiations on a Public Investment Reform Development Policy Loan between the World Bank and the Government of Vietnam.
The SEA offers a rapid assessment of three Provincial Forest Protection and Development Plans (FPDPs) and provides guidance for the development of the National Forestry Master Plan 2010–2020 and wider decision making in the forestry sector in Vietnam. It focuses on the following five major environmental, social, and economic issues in the Vietnamese forestry sector, which were determined through consultations with national and provincial stakeholders:

  • Biodiversity: changes in habitats, ecosystem connectivity, and diversity of endemic fauna & flora.
  • ƒ Livelihoods related to forest land: more specifically, access to resources and land, job creation, and well-being of ethnic minorities.
  • ƒ Water retention capacity of forests and protection against extreme climatic events (including risks during floods and droughts).
  • ƒ Transboundary trade in timber and wildlife.
  • Forest carbon stock.

The SEA presents relevant policy objectives established by the Government of Vietnam for each of these issues. It outlines ongoing trends, current and future root causes of these trends, and their likely or expected future evolution. It examines the planning context for the forestry sector and provides an overview of three Provincial Forest Protection and Development Plans in Bac Kan, Dak Lac, and Nghe An, which were selected as the focus of this SEA. The SEA then presents an overview of the main identified impacts and offers a basic analysis of key economic considerations.

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