Project Description

Viet Nam Urban Green Growth Action Project for GGGI

Donor / Partner: Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) |    Duration: 2015-2016   |    Location: Viet Nam

About: Urban areas are recognised internationally as a critical component for realising green growth. Cities concentrate environmental issues from air and water pollution, solid waste and GHG emissions, and frequently face challenges posed by poor drainage, sanitation and flood control. Moreover, providing urban services and infrastructure offers opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of provision while increasing resilience and addressing social and economic development needs.

Over the last decade Viet Nam has experienced one of the most rapid urbanisation processes globally, and estimates suggest that urban populations are growing by over one million every year. Viet Nam has experienced remarkable development success, and its vibrant urban centres are testament to that. In recent years, however, the Vietnamese Government has formally recognised the need to put its economic development on more environmentally sustainable footing.

Green Globe Asia Pacific (GGAP) has identified urban areas as important locations for the implementation Green Growth policies and programmes. In Viet Nam, the Ministry of Construction, which has the remit for urban planning and urban policies and strategies, has been identified as the key agency for mainstreaming green growth in urban development. The GGAP identified five areas important for mainstreaming green growth in the urban sector:

  • Development of Urban Green Growth Strategic Framework and Roadmap;
  • Identification of Urban Green Growth Monitoring and Implementation Indicators;
  • Preparation of Urban Green Growth Guidelines and Best Practices and Analysis;
  • Training and Capacity Building; and,
  • Prioritized E2+Equity Investments.

It is within this context that the GGGI is supporting Viet Nam’s Ministry of Construction in meeting its green growth objectives through the development of Viet Nam’s Urban Green Growth Action Project.

ICEM will contribute to this effort through delivering three key components:

  • Green City Index for Vietnam: The development of a methodologically robust and practically useful index of urban green growth for Vietnamese cities will depend in the first instance upon a review of international best practice.

To tailor the index to the Vietnamese context, ICEM conducted extensive consultations to develop key green growth city indicators and a composite index as the foundation for the Urban Green Growth Action Project. The index serves as a tool for monitoring as well as constructive planning.

Download Green City Index for Vietnam

  • Status-quo Assessment of Urban Green Growth Action in Viet Nam

Vietnam has established a high level commitment to the principles of green growth. To date, 16 provinces are preparing Provincial Green Growth Action Plans, some of which are supported by international development partners.

ICEM worked collaboratively with development partners active in provincial and city-level green growth planning to learn from implementation experience, test different approaches and identify niche areas for GGGI support during Phase 1 and 2 of this project. Case studies were then developed from three focal cities: Thái Nguyên, Điện Bàn and Trà Vinh.

Download Status-quo Assessment of Urban Green Growth Action in Vietnam

  • Design of Capacity Building Training for Government Officials: Engaging at both the national and city levels is essential to building strong commitment to green growth.

ICEM designed a three stage capacity building program targeted at Ministry of Construction officials at the national level as well as Provincial People’s Committee and Department of Construction officials at the city level.

Download Training Package on Vietnam Urban Green Growth

The Urban Green Growth Action Project builds on ICEM’s green growth and infrastructure experience in the Greater Mekong Subregion.