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Hydropower development is proceeding rapidly in Vietnam. The maintenance of ecosystem integrity, including the effects of multiple hydropower schemes within a river basin has been identified by governments of the region and their international partners as a key strategic concern for hydropower development in Vietnam and elsewhere in the Mekong Basin. There is a need for capacity development, research and information sharing on two fronts: first, in relation to the potential effects of hydropower development on biodiversity and second, in relation to the tools and methods available to integrate consideration of biodiversity issues into hydropower planning and development.

ICEM has produced a set of materials on the biodiversity and development of hydropower in Vietnam that aims to assist this capacity development and information sharing, sponsored by a grant from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). These materials form a five-part series of which this document is the second.

Volume II – The Use of SEA as an Assessment Tool targets SEA practitioners and stakeholders. It aims to present a simple and locally relevant methodology that can be employed to evaluate the impacts of a hydropower development strategy on biodiversity. The methodology is to be of use in the evaluation of national, provincial or river basin level impacts on biodiversity. The report is a practical guidance that draws on Mekong region and Vietnamese experience in the use of SEA for hydropower planning and assessment with special consideration of biodiversity implications.
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