Project Description

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The HCMC Adaptation to Climate Change Study, carried out by ICEM for the Asian Development Bank in partnership with the HCMC Peoples Committee, is an initial step in a planned response by the city to the challenges it faces in adapting to climate change.

VOL 1: Executive Summary is the first volume of a three volume set comprising also Volume 2: Main Study Report and Volume 3: Annexes. There is also a Ho Chi Minh City Adaptation to Climate Change: Summary Report

The overall objective of the study was to assist HCMC to develop effective approaches to strengthen adaptation and amelioration capacities against the impacts of climate change and variability.

The study involved five main activities:

  • Baseline assessment and projection of future conditions
  • Assessing the threat
  • Assessing the impact and vulnerability
  • Identifying adaptation options and priorities
  • Recommendations for integration with development planning.
 Detailed adaptation planning holds the key to future resilience in HCMC. All sectors and areas need to consider the impacts of climate change in their development plans and will require adaptation plans and guidance as a framework for integration. Although climate change is moving faster than anticipated, with potential severe effects on HCMC, there is still time to develop appropriate solutions and to adapt.