ICEM publishes a variety of high quality publications, maps, detailed reports and policy briefs, comprehensive working papers, cutting edge technical documents, useful presentations and posters. These resources contain key finding and recommendations emerging from our projects and research. We also maintain a comprehensive library of regional project-related photographs.
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ICEM publishes a series of reports, including policy briefs, working papers, and technical and project reports. ICEM briefs contain key finding and recommendations that arise from projects and research undertaken by ICEM. ICEM working papers contain preliminary research, analysis and findings, and are circulated to stimulate timely discussion and critical feedback and to influence ongoing debate on emerging issues. ICEM technical papers contain analysis, findings and recommendations around key issues regarding the environment and climate change. Our reports are used to stimulate timely discussion and critical feedback – and are proving to be highly influential in inspiring debate on emerging issues.

ICEM has one of the most comprehensive GIS databases available on the Mekong region – its natural resources and demographics. We have prepared hundreds of maps for the region and for individual Mekong countries, many of them published as part of the ICEM publications. We also prepare specially tailored maps including three dimensional images on demand.

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Graphs and Figures

ICEM publications contain statistical information in the form of graphs and figures. Graphs and figures are available along with the raw data. Specially tailored graphs and figures are available on demand.

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ICEM maintains an extensive photographic library covering a wide range of subjects, including conservation, environmental and socio-economic issue, water and energy – taken during ICEM assignments by ICEM staff and experts.
Some of ICEM’s photographs are available on the ICEM Flickr photostream.

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Special Reports Series:

Natural Systems and Climate Change Resilience in the Lower Mekong Basin report: This report draws on ICEM’s decade of experience in climate change and natural systems in the Mekong region to summarise findings and lessons for small holder farms and landscape management.

> Download the Natural Systems report here

Ensuring Sustainability of the GMS Regional Power Development – Final Reports: In 2012, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) contracted the consortium of ICEM–International Centre for Environment Management (ICEM) and Economic Consulting Associates (ECA) to undertake a study entitled Ensuring Sustainability of the GMS Regional Power Development. This project used Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to assess the sustainability of the proposed regional power development and regional trade in electricity in the Greater Mekong Sub‐Region (GMS) and two alternative power plan scenarios, and to identify ways to avoid or mitigate negative impacts and enhance benefits.

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Mekong Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change Report Series: ICEM conducted a climate change impact and adaptation study to assess the vulnerabilities to climate change of agricultural cropping regimes, livestock and animal husbandry systems, fisheries and aquaculture, and ecosystems and biodiversity at a basin-wide scale; identify adaptation options for the most vulnerable agro-ecological zones; and draw conclusions to inform pilot site selection and adaptation strategies in the Lower Mekong Basin.

> View all of ICEM’s reports and briefs from the ARCC project

Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation (CAM) Report Series: ICEM has developed an integrated approach to climate change adaptation and mitigation planning and implementation – the ICEM Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Methodology or CAM. The methodology combines a range of tools developed by ICEM, based on international and regional best practice.

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Wetlands Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability Assessment: Report Series: ICEM undertook a climate change impact and vulnerability assessment of the Mekong River Basin wetlands and provided adaptation recommendations and options for the Mekong River Commission.

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Protected Areas and Development Report Series: ICEM led a technical partnership supporting the four Governments of the Lower Mekong Region in a process of comprehensive studies, piloting and consultation. The Review of Protected Areas and Development examined the growing tensions between economic and conservation objectives in the four countries of the Lower Mekong River region.

> Learn more about the PAD Review project on this website
> Visit the dedicated PAD Review project website
> Find out about PAD2 – Protected Areas, Development and Climate Change in the Greater Mekong Subregion project

SEA of Hydropower on the Mekong Reports Series: Learn more about the Strategic Environmental Assessment of Hydropower on the Mekong mainstream.

> SEA of Hydropower on the Mekong Mainstream project page: Download assessment reports

Mekong Delta Climate Change Forum 2009 Reports and Materials: Learn more about the Mekong Delta Climate Change Forum 2009 and view all of  ICEM’s reports and materials from the 2009 Forum.

> Mekong Delta Climate Change Forum: Resources

Ho Chi Minh City Adaptation to Climate Change: Reports Series: Find out more  about the ADB study conducted by ICEM into climate change impacts in Ho Chi Minh City. The  series comprises Vols. 1-3 and a Summary Report written and prepared  by  ICEM and published  by ADB. View and download all documents from the project page.

> Ho Chi Minh City Adaptation to Climate Change: Reports Series

Please note that most of ICEM’s materials are provided free for download. We request that ICEM and the respective report is clearly and properly cited.